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Female Football with Laurel

Price: £8.25
Female Football Figure with Star Backing

Price: £7.99
Mini Female Football Figure

Price: £4.99
Gold/Silver Football Insert in Display Box
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Price: £2.75
Gold/Silver Footballers Insert in Display Box
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Price: £2.75
Medal Box with Footballers Medal
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Price: £5.99
Boots and Ball 60mm Medal In Box
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Price: £11.99
Medal Box with Boot/ball/net medal
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Price: £5.99
Red Velvet Box And 70mm Medallion Football Trophy
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Price: £11.25
Gold Flash Football

Price: £6.79
Cosmos Female Football

Price: £8.99
Icon Football Ball

Price: £4.99
Flexx Female Footballer 10cm

Price: £3.49
Gold Flash Female Footballer

Price: £7.49
Genesis Female Footballer

Price: £9.49
Pinnacle Football Female

Price: £8.49
22cm Pinnacle Football Female Award Name
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Price: £14.99
Victory Football Crystal

Price: £15.99